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    With the ever-changing world of automation, TMT stays on top of the latest technological advances. Our experienced Automation Designers and Programmers have the capabilities to design and program in any platform our Partners choose.  TMT is not a Distributor or Manufacturers representative, which enables us to sit on the same side of the table as our partners during the specification process, and choose a solution that best meets our partners needs.


    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and all related software, hardware, and services.
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI’s) and all related software, hardware, and services.
    • SCADA systems for oil and gas, water and wastewater, and power distribution.
    • Process automation and safety systems, and related software, hardware, and services.
    • Process field instrumentation, temperature and pressure transmitters, flowmeters, level transmitters, and associated switches.
    • AC and DC Variable Frequency Drives.
    • Analytical equipment for industrial manufacturing.
    • Control valves, actuators and positioners.
    • Conditioning-monitoring equipment and systems.

    Recent Project Platforms:

    • PLC Programming Software:
    • RSLogix 500
    • RSLogix 5000
    • CoDeSys
    • Telepace
    • Isograph
    • Step 7
    • Unity Pro
    • Proworx
    • Concept

    HMI Software:

    • Intouch
    • Wonderware System Platform
    • Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFix
    • FactoryTalk View Studio
    • FactoryTalk View Machine Edition
    • Ignition by Inductive Automation
    • ClearSCADA


    Panel Shop

    The decision to outsource your control panel building isn’t always an easy one.

    Not only should the control panel manufacturer have a UL 508A certification, but you also want a partner you trust to do a quality job. That partner is TMT Solutions.

    Our experienced, meticulous technicians understand how each control panel is critical to your success and produce high- and low-voltage industrial control panels that are functionally and aesthetically superior.


    UL 508A-certified panel shop ready to build the control panels you need for:
    • Machine automation
    • Communication equipment
    • Motor control (both high- and low-voltage)
    • Process control
    • Conveyor control
    • Tests and measurement

    Control Panel Building Focused On Your Needs

    Your specifications and preferences truly drive and direct our control panel building process – we even build and maintain in-house training materials customized to your needs and requirements. And at the end of the build process, we provide you with documentation that includes each of your approved changes, red-lined for quicker drawing package updates in the future.

    • All wires are ferruled and tagged with laser-printed, self-laminated labels or thermal transfer heat-shrink labels.
    • All wires are tested for point-to-point continuity.
    • All ribbon cables and DB9 cables are tested for continuity and proper pin-out using dedicated test equipment.
    • Terminal blocks incorporate plotted markers.
    • All panels are constructed with field serviceability in mind.
    • Each connection is double-checked to ensure proper execution and validation.


    Electrical Contracting 

    Our professional electrical installations include fiber optics installation and network wiring for office computer and communications networks; wiring for security lighting, alarm systems, and video systems; warehouse wiring and lighting, appliance and sound sound system wiring.

    In addition, we are experienced with installations of 120v electrical wiring and service as well as 240v (both single-phase and 3-phase). coaxial wiring, track and area lighting, surge protectors, breaker panel upgrades, emergency backup generators, retrofits for commercial lighting, and many other services are available. Our electricians are experienced and skilled at installing wiring in commercial grade conduit, and wiring and panel installations for light manufacturing, restaurants and commercial kitchens, sports and fitness centers, recreation facilities, and for various branches of state and federal government.

    Licensed Industrial Electrical Contractor

    • Conduit (EMT, IMT, Rigid, Plasti-Bond, PVC, CPC, Aluminum)
    • Cable Tray (Indoor & Outdoor)
    • High & Low Voltage Duct BankElectrical Contracting
    • Controls Wiring & Cabling
    • Network Wiring & Cabling
    • Power Wiring & Cabling
    • Site Lighting & Poles
    • Fiber Optic Cabling, Terminations & Testing
    • MCC & VFD Installations complete with Configuration & Programming
    • Transformers
    • Electrical Heat Tracing
    • Megger Testing

    I&C Construction

    • Control Panel Construction & Installation
    • Instrumentation & Valve Installation
    • Industrial Networking (e.g. HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Bac-Net, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Serial, ModBus, ControlNet)
    • Instrument Calibrations & Control Valve Setup
    • Controls Interface for Skid-Mounted Equipment (Compressors, Pumps, Engine Control, Flares, Motors & Specialty Equipment)
    • Omni Flow Computer Installation & Configuration
    • LACT Interface & Control
    • Closed Circuit Security Cameras
    • Access Control Systems (Keypad, Key Card, Bio-Metric)
    • Custom Skid Construction
    • RTU construction, installation and commissioning
    • UPS Systems
    • Backup Generator Systems
    • Process & Impulse Tubing (Stainless Steel, Copper, Polypro, Teflon
    • Instrument Air Systems & Compressors


    Project Managment

    Our proven ability to deliver against business priorities ranging from organizational process improvements to the execution of mission-critical projects is why TMT Solutions is trusted by top organizations around the world.

    TMT Solutions’ experts have an extensive network of company-backed resources and assets to draw from when delivering project management solutions to our clients. Research and benchmarking performed by TMT Solutions’ Research allows us to stay on the forefront of trends and be adaptive with new approaches that positively impact our clients across industries. Start improving your project portfolio management process today.

    Our commitment to quality includes executive oversight on every engagement and unparalleled attentiveness to the relationship we forge with each of our clients.


    Design Services

    TMT Design Services are based on our broad plant experience.  We have been involved in the Process Development, Design, Construction, Startup and Operation of plants ranging from the extractive metallurgy industries to the painting and metal finishing industries. TMT can help you develop processing strategies, control strategies, P&ID’s, Test Plans, Startup Plans and can help bridge the gap between your plant developers and your E&C firm.  When combined with our Automation Services, the total design package that TMT offers can be of great value to your new or renovation project.

    Extractive Metallurgy

    • Coal mining
    • Oil and gas drilling
    • Copper/Moly beneficiation
    • Gold and Silver processing

    Sand and Aggregates

    • Sand Terminals
    • Frac Sand Mining
    • Cement mixing plants
    • Crushing/Grinding/Pulverizing


    • Metal finishing and plating
    • Paints/Plastics/Composites
    • PWB manufacturing
    • Industrial Lighting


    Custom Software Solutions

    At TMT our experience in Plant Management, Design and Automation gives us a unique perspective on the needs of overall information management. We can provide solutions for integrating your Automation Data, Statistical Process Control Data, MRP, Maintenance and other plant operating information directly into you SAP or other Accounting/Sales/ERP systems. We call is Total Control Solutions and for our customers, its a custom software thats changing everything!

    TMT can provide individual custom packages to integrate all, or any part of your Plant’s Information. In some cases, we may even develop a complete custom package for your entire system, eliminating the need for smaller, stand alone operations.  If your Engineers, Supervisors, Production Control, Maintenance and Sales departments already have software tools they use that meet their unique needs, TMT can develop a plan to allow those tools to continue being used and still provide the integration you need. Whether it is Excell, Access, Word, Power Point or a custom software package, TMT has experience integrating most commonly used tools into a powerful integrated management system.

    If you want your Automation Data, Statistical Process Data, Energy Management Reports, Production Control Reports, Preventative Maintenance Records, etc. integrated into your overall information management system, TMT can provide you with your perfect solution.


    Field Support

    Emergency Service: TMT Solutions Inc., provides 24/7 emergency technical, design and construction services to help our customer’s minimize unplanned plant interruptions and shutdowns.

    Contract Services: TMT Solutions Inc., can provide contract technician, electrical and mechanical crews to augment our Customer’s field staff. Whether you need an I&C Technician for one day or a fully outfitted electrical and mechanical crew for several months, TMT Solutions has the right technical manpower for the job.

    Startup and Commissioning: Our technicians and designers can assist your operations personnel in bringing new or existing critical plant systems online while providing all of the substantiating documentation needed our customer’s O&M records.